Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the remainder of November, a daily grooming and a walk through the forest was all I did with her, who until this point didn’t have a name. My first thought was to translate love into a different language, and see if any stuck, but it was a failure. I thought of a few here and there, but they always had some previous meaning for me, an old friend, or more often, an old horse. I sat online for hours looking at list after list, and I eventually started researching names of Greek goddesses, as she saw herself as quite the queen. Again, I wrote which ones were my favorites; I shared them with Howie, my boyfriend, and Jaimie, my long time horse friend/room mate. No decision yet. When I first read the name Maia, I knew it would be between that and just a couple others. Maia was a wholesome name; it was short and sweet, but not so girly. It also meant Goddess of the fields and mountains. The meaning itself was half the choice, she came from a field to live with me in the mountains, and I was sure I had never known anyone by the name of Maia, especially with an I instead of a Y…and so my search was over. Her registered name, Wind Dancer, was soon forgotten, and so she was My Maia.

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  1. how lovely. your detailed poetic descriptions allow me to completely relive your experiences. i can hardly wait to meet this special filly....in the meantime how bout some pics?

    from your biggest fan